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The Colour Buddy concept was born from my ignorance on the problems many people go through in their everyday lives. From bullying, abuse, break up of families, mental health, debt, the never ending pressure that people go through in life...the sad reality of life!

It was while researching on the benefits for the Imagination Pictures that I came across an articles on mental health. At the time I wanted to understand what was happening in our communities around the country, including the problems that can come-about when children and adults are left to deal with insecurities, anxieties, depression and many other mental health issues on their own.

This was the connection I needed for my artwork and the force behind my obsession to create a new way of investing back into society/community. .. a new mind set. Even talking about it sounds crass, it’s as if I was talking about aliens. How can our minds truly believe that this madness that we call life, can ever change.

I believe it can. But not only from the government.

To create change, we must start from the ground up.

I am just in the process in trying find the right organision/CIC to work with me to help me find 25 charities that would like a piece of artwork that they can use to create their own product lines from. as an example. I have given them a piece of artwork ( with copyright and worldwide rights) they are using the piece at present on t/shirts. Each charity will have the chance of picking a piece of artwork from over 100 art pieces. The originals will be placed up for auction. All my other pieces of artwork and educational product concepts will be used to help put back into the kent communities.

Social Impact

At present I have given artwork to 'save the children' charity, 'let's get talking london'> knife crime, 'Academy of hard knocks'> youth crime, and 'Brixton soup kicthen'> helping the hungry and homeless. My latest charity to help is the umbrella center Canterbury.
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