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Buy Social Kent

Social Enterprise Kent is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and social enterprise operating for over 35 years, with the overarching vision of "Improving Lives, Supporting Communities".

As a social enterprise, we're all about making a positive social impact in communities. We support individuals and businesses and work in partnership for the best outcomes. We're registered with, and regulated by, the CIC Regulator, which means that all of our operational activities are guided by a commitment to maximising our positive social impact.

Service - Buy Social Kent
Service - Buy Social Kent

Introducing Buy Social Kent directory

We are therefore pleased to introduce you to our "Buy Social Kent directory" which has been designed with our local Kent and Medway social businesses in mind. We actively advocate the benefits of buying social and local, and supporting businesses who "do good".

We have brought together the very best of Kent and Medway’s social enterprises, charities and private sector businesses operating with a social purpose and put them all in one place on our directory; making it easier for customers to buy from social businesses, and easier for social businesses to market their services.

By "buying social and local" we can improve our local economy and support businesses who are doing good for the people and planet.

The Benefits of Buying Social

The aim of buying social is to harness the spending power of business to realise greater social and environmental benefit.

By buying social we can:

  • Empower and inspire communities
  • Create opportunities for vulnerable people
  • Support our commitment to transition to a net zero and circular economy

"To put it bluntly" our purchases can have a purpose - one that supports the people and the planet.

Service - Buy Social Kent